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By 1998 other tv shows started calling me to be on their tv show to be interview.Here I am in one of my many appearances of The Keith Faison Show.

"I started recording the show in a room I rented in Manhattan with a camcorder, two VCRs and a karaoke machine." -PL

Preston Lopez in 1997 second episode of Anything' Goes Videos

"Agents started calling the show to have on special guest. I started to book the biggest celebrities of the day. Even though I met lots of famous people by then I didn't have a clue how to interview them.So I just pretended I was Oprah and wrote all my questions down.But I was a professional without experience." -Preston Lopez

"I always wanted my program to reflect the times and stay relevant with social issues." -PL

Vlad,  Lester and Scott celebrating World Aids Day on December 1 2015.

By 2004 The newly  "The Preston Lopez Show" had a change of name and change of content.The new show. I have to admit that some of the show was driven by the ego of making it more provocative and racy and pushing the boundaries.I succeeded in making it a hit for the public access stations but there was a price to pay.The show was filled with overly sexual images and video footage of male and female strippers.The more the better.I always have to go all the way I can't do things half way is not in my nature.So I tend to go overboard and some people are put off or get off on that. -PL  

"I always wanted to have a kind of  "The View" type of show. An all guys version.Like bros Talking about bros stuff from a male point of view." -PL

(Preston, Michael Corsino and Christofer Jirau on an 2015 episode) 

   The Preston Lopez Show has been on the air since September 0f 1997. It first started to broadcast in New York City on Public Access Station Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) It was first called "Anythin' Goes Videos" and hosted by J. Elle (aka Preston Lopez) In the beginning the program was about the current hip hop and R&B videos.But by the second episode the videos remained but Preston started airing more political and current events. "I was doing the video things like most of the other public access tv shows of that era, but after a few years I noticed that the audience was reflecting the violent and ratchetness of some of the videos I was putting on." said Preston Lopez. "I did not want my show to be about that.People started leaving inappropriate comments and sending fan letters which I honestly wasn't too pleased.I wanted something more enlightening something more positive.I started going to marches, peaceful protest and started talking about community issues." I also started to incorporate local talents as well as my own. I found an outlet for my acting, cooking, singing among other things." Preston said.

Preston Lopez

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